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Acoustic Sound Blankets

Sound Blankets are thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket having excellent acoustic transmission control properties, available in a range of densities and thicknesses designed for use in STC or RW Rated Wall Systems.

Designed to minimize the transfer of noise between rooms and in the process they also provide you with a high degree of thermal insulation. Ideal for use in office walls and partitions in commercial buildings.

The insulation is also ideal for applications ranging from sound proofing a commercial studio to home theatre or commercial office, hospital or hall.

As with the Thermal Batts the product is non-allergenic and low irritant which makes installation safe and easy requiring no specific protective equipment or clothing to be used.

Sizes Available:-

450mm x 40m x 50mm

610mm x 40m x 50mm

450mm x 30m x 60mm

610mm x 30m x 60mm

450mm x 23m x 70mm

610mm x 23m x 70mm

450mm x 20m x 80mm

610mm x 20m x 80mm

450mm x 15m x 90mm

610mm x 15m x 90mm

A large range of Acoustic Absorption Blankets are also available - sizes on request

Acoustic Absorption Blankets are designed for maximum control of reverberated noise in building interiors and has been designed to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial building applications. Acoustic Absorption Blankets are used wherever sound control is required, Ceiling Overlays, Plant rooms, Baffles and is typically installed partially or fully exposed to ensure product performance.

Acoustic Absorption Blankets are available in a wide range of both prescribed and ordered densities and thicknesses to be used in a wide range of applications including:-

* heavy duty wall/ceiling partition to infill and ceiling overlays

* Acoustic and thermal linings for HVAC ductwork

* reverberation control for buildings and plant rooms

* Acoustic infill for baffles, panels

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